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Our ministry exists for the purpose of explaining the core doctrinal truth of God's word so that people, especially those with a Jehovah's Witness background can make an informed decision about whether or not to accept the offer of pardon Jesus Christ offered to "whosoever" under the New Testament (Contract).

Errant bible doctrines has resulted in vast numbers of people right here in the Christian West that no longer understand the biblical choices that lay before them or even the definitions and terminology that describe them. Christians sharing their faith in Christ with a Jehovah’s Witnesses are often at a loss because historical definitions of biblical terms are many times different and this creates an illusion of agreement when agreement does not in fact exist. We are here to help in that regard.

We believe that many people, even when exposed to a clear presentation of the gospel, will exercise their free will and reject the New Covenant of Jesus. We wish to live in peace with such ones should they choose to do so. We highly value FREEDOM.
It is the burden of this ministry to point out that there are no salvific promises of God related to Christians that lay outside of the New Covenant as explained in the New Testament scriptures.  Modern Jehovah's Witnesses reject the New Covenant for themselves personally.
Bro. Perry accepted Jesus as his Personal Savior in 2004 in large part due to the teaching of a personal judgment at Hebrews 9:27. His wife Marika is a former atheist who grew up in the Czech Republic. Together with their boys, they attend a conservative independent bible church. We believe that congregations like this one closely resemble first century assemblies both in arrangement and in doctrine as found in the New Testament.  
There are no governing denominational agencies for this congregation or for the other tens of thousands of like congregations spread across the globe in hundreds of countries. We have seen first-hand the global unity (not uniformity) that exists among bible-believing Christians. We've experienced how this unity, both doctrinal and social flourishes without organizational hierarchy under the leadership of Jesus Christ through the agency of the Holy Spirit and the condition of the new birth.
We believe that the offer of pardon is extended to all people regardless of church affiliation, or non affiliation. We believe that Jesus is saving people rather than organizations or churches from Judgment ..... not necessarily only Armageddon. We believe that just like what is described in the book of Revelation Chs. 2-3, groups of Christians are found in various stages of conformity to holiness and the freedom that is found only in Jesus Christ. (John 8: 36, Romans 6: 16)